Jiangmen rain gear manufacturer:How to maintain the umbrella?

2021-11-04 264

  How to maintain the umbrella?

  1、 After the umbrella is used, it shall be put in a ventilated and dry place to dry, and a small amount of lubricating oil shall be coated on the umbrella rib and umbrella handle to prevent rust and mildew.

  2、 Before opening the umbrella, loosen the umbrella surface, straighten the umbrella ribs, and then open it slowly to prevent breakage.

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  3、 Do not hang the umbrella on the lime wall containing alkaline substances, which will make the umbrella surface brittle.

  4、 Don't pick things with an umbrella, don't use an umbrella as a walking stick, and don't let the umbrella close to the high temperature to prevent the deformation of the umbrella.

  5、 The new umbrella should not be put aside for a long time, so as not to be brittle and deteriorated after being stored for too long.

  6、 When folding the umbrella, hold the top of the umbrella, and try not to touch the place where the folded part of the umbrella and the umbrella surface meet with sweat stained hands, so as to avoid imprinting there in the future and affecting the beauty.

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