Jiangmen advertising tent:Inspection before use of advertising tent

2021-11-04 733

  Inspection before use of advertising tent

  In today's life, advertising tents can be seen everywhere, and advertising account materials are an indispensable part of advertising. Some parts of outdoor advertising tent shall be checked before use.

  1. Before using the advertising tent, check whether the screws at the cross pipe are tightened.

  2. View the caravan. When it is found that any support of the advertising tent frame is bent or deformed, it shall be stopped immediately for repair. The continuous operation can be carried out only after the fault is removed.

Jiangmen advertising tent

  3. For tents that have not been used for a long time, check whether the tent frame is rusty before use. There are four tension spring buckles on the feet of each tent frame, and each staff member buckles them in the square tube eyes moving up and down; If it has not been used for a long time, the awning frame may be very heavy due to rust (which is a normal phenomenon). It can be carried by shoulder force, and the four corners can be operated in the same way.

  It is very important to check the outdoor advertising tent before use, so that we can have an understanding of the current situation of the tent products and avoid damage to the tent when using the tent rashly

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