Jiangmen advertising tent:What material is better for outdoor advertising tent?

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  What material is better for outdoor advertising tent?

  1. The sunshade is suitable for shading outside the doors and windows of low-rise and multi-storey buildings. It is not suitable for external shading of high-rise buildings

  2. The material, thickness, specification, scale and method of shading data, the method and specification of fixing device, the power of motor (when electric) and the wind pressure at the application site are related to each other. It is necessary to obtain relevant technical data from the manufacturer according to the detailed engineering conditions, and select them after induction and consideration

Jiangmen advertising tent

  3. The connection method and lightning protection method between each sunshade system and the main body of the building shall be jointly studied, confirmed and responsible by the engineering designer and the manufacturer according to the detailed engineering conditions

  4. For the selection of shading system with roller shutter box, the impact of different positions of roller shutter box on wall energy saving shall be considered

  5. As for the system equipped with automatic control, it is generally required to install wind control and rain control sensing devices, and the optical control can be selected according to the detailed conditions. The manual drive method is generally not applicable to the external sunshade in frequently unattended places

  6. The fabric advocates using dark color (or facing the dark side of the fabric to the outside) to achieve a good sun shading effect

  7. Fabric type: polyester coated fabric, glass fiber coated fabric

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