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  Quality tips for purchasing umbrellas

  1. Look at the skeleton of the umbrella (umbrella frame)

  Now the umbrellas on the market generally have 8 bones, 10 bones, 12 bones, 24 bones, etc. for example, the umbrellas purchased by Xiaobian are 12 bones, which are quite stable. Of course, the more umbrellas, the stronger they are and the more resistant they are to the wind. For umbrellas, try to prevent the selection of iron umbrella frames. If you don't pay attention to maintenance after use in rainy days, it's easy to rust, so it's better to choose those fiber or aluminum alloy umbrella frames as far as possible. It's not only simple, but also has good windproof effect. It's more suitable to use in rainy days.

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  2. Look at the cloth of the umbrella

  The fabric of the umbrella is mostly black glue, silver glue and nano. At present, most umbrellas on the market are mainly black glue. Compared with black glue, silver glue has the disadvantage of easy falling, while the light transmittance of high-quality black glue can reach almost 0. Poor black glue coating may contain carcinogens and cause harm to the body; The principle of nano coating is to reflect ultraviolet rays by coating half wavelength of ultraviolet rays on the umbrella cloth.

  3. Look at the structure of the umbrella

  The umbrella has the skill to open, with the initiative to open, so you should be clear about what structure you are used to. Many people like to open umbrellas actively, but those who open umbrellas actively are not resistant to use than those who open them skillfully. The storage and portability of the folding umbrella is indeed higher than that of the active umbrella. In addition, the radian of the umbrella should also be in accordance with individual needs. For example, the mushroom shaped umbrella is suitable for single use. The umbrella with small arc has a large rain protection range and is suitable for multiple people to support together.

  4. Look at the waterproof of the umbrella

  It is said that practice is the standard to test the truth. When it rains, pour a little rain on the umbrella and observe the raindrops on the umbrella. If it rolls down immediately or small drops of water appear on the umbrella surface, it means that the waterproof coating is good; If the umbrella has penetration when drenched in water, it illustrates that the waterproof is poor. This little skill is really useful.

  5. Look at the wind resistance of the umbrella

  We can open the umbrella and pull it back hard. If a girl lacks strength, it is suggested to trot forward for 2 steps and pull it back hard to see if the umbrella will bloom. If it blooms, it depends on whether it can return to its original state. Even if it is blown to blossom, it can still return to the original umbrella, and the wind resistance is great.

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